Are you one of those “wanderers” desiring to explore the real face of Cuba?

Then you might consider visiting us on your own without a travel agent. Instead of spending all of your holiday in a hotel for foreigners wouldn’t you rather stay and eat in private accommodation, travel by public transport and see places you won’t read about in any guide book?

It would be my pleasure to show you the real Cuba. I am a Cuban, living in Havana. I pick up travelers coming to Cuba at the airport and arrange private accommodation  (casas particulares) for them – I already have several comfortable , approved and secure locations in Cuba (Vinales, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba), perfect for visiting guests. My guests and I have already discovered plenty of great restaurants and danced in great several bars and dance clubs. You’re not likely to meet other tourist in these places, but they are the favorite haunts of the locals.

I am an English teacher, but I speak French as well. I have got a couple of Czech and Canadian friends whom I met during their stay in Cuba.

I would just love to introduce you to my students or my colleagues – French, Spanish or English language teachers – and if you like dancing, I can introduce you to dance teachers (salsa, rumba, folklore) as well.

Meeting you would be a great pleasure for me. We can teach each other – I will learn some more English or French from you, you can pick some handy phrases in Spanish from me. And I can keep in touch with the world outside Cuba too.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon as well as welcoming you here in Cuba